About Westpac International Trade

Westpac International Trade (WIT) is a international trade consulting and contract sales management company.  If a company is seeking needing help with New To Export or New To Market Strategy design, and doesn't have the internals resources to manage international sales, then WIT may be a good solution. 

Often, small to medium size companies don't know how to go to market or how to penetration the channels of a particular country market. Each country market is unique, and each channel within a country is unique.  Each has their own interests, tastes, motivations and price considerations, for their own ultimate customers.  Taking the wrong approach to a market or channel can cost a brand holder or exporting distributor, a lot of time and money. 

WIT has been successful in helping several global companies get market penetration in particular countries. 

WIT has a speciality of FMCG or food products in retail packaging, food service, and in some ingredients. But if you have a product line in non-food, WIT can also help with country market development.

WIT has focus on the Asia Pacific Region (APAC), with an established network of distributors, but can help a company with access to just about any country market. 

Key Markets



Hong Kong/Macau











Services in Marketing and Sales

  • Market Identification

  • External Country Market Assessment

  • Internal Resource Evaluation

             SWOT Analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats)

  • Export Compliance

  • Channel Partner Evaluation- Retail, Wholesale

             Food Channels:  Retail, Food Service, Ingredients, E-commerce

  • Pricing Strategy

  • International Field Sales Strategy and Management

  • International Marketing Strategies and Execution

  • Channel Expansion​